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Buy Vidalista 40 Mg Online

Vidalista 40 is a medication used to treat male sexual dysfunction (impotence). When combined with sexual stimulation, Vidalista 40 helps a man get and maintain an erection. Vidalista 40  may also be used to treat the enlarged prostate. Vidalista 40  may help with bph symptoms like frequent urination and difficulty starting the flow of pee, among other things, at midnight. In theory, Vidalista 40 relaxes the smooth muscles of the bladder and prostate. This medication does not protect against hiv, hepatitis b, gonorrhea, or syphilis. To prevent undesired pregnancy, use “safe sex” measures, condoms, etc. For further information, speak with your consultant.

The application of Vidalista 40 Mg

  • Before you begin taking Vidalista 40 and each time you get a refill, read the patient information mentioned on the prescription pad. If there is any query, then you may ask your doctor.
  • As prescribed by your doctor, take this medicine by mouth, with or without food. It is not advisable to take Vidalista 40 more than once per day.
  • In contrast, immediate-release pills may be readily broken or crushed. While using this medication, you should strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions. Follow your doctor’s recommendations for the correct dose of this medicine.
  • The dose is determined by your medical history, treatment response, and other drugs. Inform your doctor and pharmacist of everything you consume, including vitamins, herbs, and supplements.
  • Take this drug as directed by your doctor to relieve bph symptoms, generally once daily. If you are taking finasteride to treat bph, speak to your doctor about how long you should keep it.

Dose administration

  • Vidalista 40 may treat erectile dysfunction in two ways (ed). Your doctor will advise you on the best way to take Vidalista 40. Always follow your doctor’s dose instructions since it changes based on how you take it. Take it as required in the first instance, generally at least 30 minutes before engaging in sexual activity. Tadalafil may impair sexual function for up to 36 hours after using it.
  • The second method for treating ed is taking vidalista daily, once daily. This manner of administration allows for intercourse between doses.
  • If you take Vidalista 40 Mg for both ed and bph, you should only take it once daily. You are free to have intercourse at any moment between dosages.
  • Take Vidalista 40 Mg as prescribed daily to get the most out of your once-daily medication for bph or erectile dysfunction. Take it at the same time every day to strengthen your memory.
  • You should see your doctor if your condition does not in control.


Overdose symptoms, such as fainting or difficulty breathing, should be reported promptly to the nearby hospital trauma center. Furthermore, you can call a poison control center right once.

Missed dose

If you use this medicine regularly and forget to take a dosage, take it as soon as possible. Take the next dosage at the scheduled time. Do not take the missed dosage if it is nearly time for the next dose. Do not increase the dosage to make up for the missed time.

Side effects

  • A stiff neck
  • runny or stuffy nose
  • flushing of the cheeks
  • Dizziness are some of the most typical symptoms.
  • Avoid feeling dizzy or lightheaded while rising from a sitting or sleeping position.
  • If you already have a cardiac issue, sexual activity may put it under further pressure. If you have any of the following symptoms while having sex: extreme dizziness, fainting, chest/jaw/left arm discomfort, or nausea, get immediate medical attention.

How do you control on side effects?

  • Only in rare circumstances does vision loss in one or both eyes, including blindness, occur abruptly and unexpectedly (naion). If you are over the age of 50, have high bp, diabetes, high cholesterol, or other eye illnesses such as “packed disc,” heart disease, or high cholesterol, you have a slightly increased risk of naion. If you encounter any adverse effects, stop taking Vidalista 40 and seek medical attention immediately.
  • It is very unusual for hearing loss to begin abruptly, without warning or accompanying symptoms such as ringing in the ears or dizziness. If you detect any of these side effects, stop taking tadalafil and immediately see a doctor.
  • This medication should not be taken if you have a prolonged or uncomfortable erection that lasts longer than four hours. If this happens, stop using the medication immediately and see a doctor.

Interactions with other medicines

  • An interaction between two or more prescription medications may alter their effects and result in significant side effects. Keep a list of all of your prescription and over-the-counter medications, as well as any herbal supplements you may be taking, and provide it to your doctor and pharmacist. This information may not cover all potential medication interactions.
  • Riociguat, an over-the-counter medication, may interact with this medication.
  • When used with nitrates, Vidalista 40 Mg may induce lightheadedness, fainting, or even a heart attack or stroke in rare cases.
  • Tadalafil should not be used within 48 hours of the following medications:
  • Nitroglycerin, for example, has “poppers” that include amyl or butyl nitrite.
  • When you use an alpha-blocker for bph or high blood pressure, and your blood pressure drops too low, you may have dizziness or fainting.
  • To reduce the risk of low blood pressure during therapy, the doses of tadalafil and alpha-blockers may be modified.
  • Other medications may impair your body’s capacity to remove tadalafil, altering its action. Drug interactions may occur with antifungals, macrolide antibiotics, hiv protease inhibitors, hepatitis c protease inhibitors, and antivirals.
  • Vidalista 40 Mg should not be taken with other medications to treat pulmonary hypertension, erectile dysfunction, or other pulmonary hypertension-related problems such as sildenafil or vardenafil.

Storage instructions regarding Vidalista 40 Mg

Objects should be stored at average temperature, free from heat and light. Keep your distance from the toilet. Keep any drugs away from children and pets.

Dispose of any product that has reached the end of its useful life or is otherwise no longer required appropriately. Unless specifically told, avoid flushing or pouring drugs down the drain. Consult your local pharmacy or waste management business.